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The Church of GTFO

A good perspective on all tech.

An interview with Jonathan Mann

This is a good series of interviews, and I like Jonathan’s take on gear. I often suffer from the mindset that I don’t have the right ‘stuff’ to accomplish a task when I should really just get creating and worry about specific tools after achieving actual goals.

I’m also in awe at his body of work, persistence, and sense of humor.

This is worth checking out.

Quint, from “Jaws”, played by Robert Shaw.

Quint, from “Jaws”, played by Robert Shaw.

“Farewell and adieu to you, fair Spanish ladies.
Farewell and adieu, you ladies of Spain.
For we’ve received orders for to sail back to Boston.
And so nevermore shall we see you again.”

robertclasshotbucket said: Pretty ironic that your post "Down With Homework", which discusses poor wording, contains two errors: you spelled "teacher" and "without" incorrectly. And engineers are some of the WORST people when it comes to poor communication and overuse of pronouns.

Ironic? Absolutely. It’s partly due to posting via my phone, in this case. I should have caught it with editing prior to posting.

Thank you for catching those errors.

Down With Homework! |

One professor of education, Gary Natriello at Columbia University, believed in the value of homework until his “own children started bringing home assignments in elementary school.” Even “the routine tasks sometimes carry directions that are difficult for two parents with advanced graduate degrees to understand,” he discovered.

Unclear directions (mostly due to poorly worded instructions) are much more common than you’d think; which is surprising since most of the material is mass produced. I should be providing this type of feedback to the teacher, now that I think of it.

Lawyers and engineers — we seem to be the only groups that can write without overusing pronouns.

Decades ago, the American Educational Research Association released this statement: “Whenever homework crowds out social experience, outdoor recreation, and creative activities, and whenever it usurps time that should be devoted to sleep, it is not meeting the basic needs of children and adolescents.”

The Roast in the Fridge — Medium

“Don’t be ‘a writer’. Be writing.”

—   William Faulkner
Tumblr is celebrating National Donut Day with their version of a Google Doodle. I love it!

Tumblr is celebrating National Donut Day with their version of a Google Doodle. I love it!

Consulting - Matt Gemmell

Although the point of Matt’s post is for consulting, 95% of his advice applies to all coding jobs, as I see it. All of his points are spot on, in my experience.

This is a great post.

Collecting Air - Nick Bilton

Nick Bilton always delivers. He’s such a wonderful writer — he supplies some insight in this personal story.

Don’t Fuck Up the Culture

I asked him what was the single most important piece of advice he had for us.

He replied, “Don’t fuck up the culture.”

Ever notice how families or tribes don’t require much process? That is because there is such a strong trust and culture that it supersedes any process. In organizations (or even in a society) where culture is weak, you need an abundance of heavy, precise rules and processes.

These problems will come and go. But culture is forever.

“The best way to predict the future is to create it.”

—   Abraham Lincoln/Peter Drucker/Alan Kay

Don’t date a girl who travels

To all my strong-willed women friends: I salute you. Stay strong. Stay independent. Please welcome my daughter with open arms when she is old enough to join you.